More About Me

Hi there. Thanks for visiting! I’m Felicia, a Naturopathic Doctor whose own healthcare experiences and challenges lead me to discover the wonderful world of naturopathic medicine. My favourite part about being a Naturopathic Doctor is hearing people’s stories, getting to know where they’ve come from and working with them on their journey to health. I love seeing people tackle health concerns that have been problematic for too long.


My Background


I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in 2013 at McMaster University, majoring in Biology & Psychology. I have always been curious about the mind and brain, so in my 4th year, I completed my Honours thesis in behavioural neuroscience, investigating emotional regulation and mood disorders in adolescents.


I earned my Doctor of Naturopathy degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. While there, I had the pleasure of interning on a pediatric-focused clinical shift, a clinical placement in the Queen West Community Health Centre, as well as a global clinical preceptorship in India.


How Can I Help?


My goal in every patient visit is to share the knowledge and experiences that I’ve gained on my own journey to help move others forward on their health journeys. I approach each case with a gentle curiosity. I want to spend time exploring your concerns and making connections to figure out what is causing them. Together we come up with health goals and a plan to achieve them.


Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are an important part of every treatment. Other tools I use to help ease symptoms and guide the healing process may include: acupuncture, botanical/plant medicine, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. I also love food and gardening and believe both are among the most powerful medicines.

Felicia Assenza
Dr. Felicia Assenza