Herbal Oil Infusion for Skin Healing

In case you didn't already know...I love herbs! I love herbal concoctions even more! This Comfrey and Calendula mix is one of my favourites, especially in the summer for healing sunburned skin, itchy bug bites, bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Check out the how-to video and recipe below.

If you ever want make herbal concoctions together, give me a shout or check out one of my herbal workshops! We always have a healing good time learning from each other.

Comfrey and Calendula Oil Infusion Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes


1 Jar

1/2 Jar dried Comfrey leaves

1/2 Jar dried Calendula flowers/petals

Oil of choice (I used olive) to fill jar


Fill jar with Comfrey and Calendula

Fill jar with oil to cover dried herbs

Close jar

Place in dark room for 4-6 weeks

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